games coming out soon

DINO MERCS (PC, Q1/2023)

DINO MERCS is a roguelike deckbuilding game. Build multiple decks, conduct operations, engage in fierce combat, and defend your base.


GRAVIATORS is a team arena sports game in space! Compete against friends in pinball-like arenas. Control and shoot the ball and score points on the enemy goal.

Sometimes they come back (PC, Q2/2023)

Clear up the mysteries and horrors of the ominous Freedom Towers and try to salvage your life. Investigate, talk with the other residents to reveal their secrets, solve puzzles, cry, suffer…

Local News with Cliff Rockslide (Nintendo Switch, Q2/2023)

Cliff Rockslide is Butterfly Valley’s #1 content creator on internet with whopping seven subscribers. His mission in life is to report on the fiery-hot topics of local life. And THIS is where YOU’RE NEEDED.