"You are the best humans ever. Maybe even better than Michael Jackson!"

We still have no idea if that's a good thing or not, but still, we love it.

We business

That's it. We said it, we're here to represent it. We handle your business so you can take care of making a great game. That's all we care about: you and your game. It means that we'll help you with money, commercial stuff, marketing, branding... Everything that's not about making a game.

You games

And yeah, so, your duty is just to make a beautiful game. Maybe the best game. Wonderful game. Great game. That's your sh*t. If you ever need any help with production, ideas, commercial feedback or any other support–we'll be there. But still, we'll try to stay out of your way.


"Working with Bonus Stage is like a tropical breeze on my face: refreshing and smells like freedom. If I some day can find the words to express my gratitude and love towards these great people, it'll be the best day of my life."

This here is a stock photo. We're not boring like this.

Because our motto is: no b(ull)s(hit), just good publishing.

Pitch us your game

We wanna know what your studio is made of. What's the story in your game. What makes you tick and different. Send links, pitch decks, GDD's, plans, playables... Anything and everything.

We'll review it

We go through all the games we are pitched. Our process is lean: if our partners like what they see, we'll arrange a meeting quickly, usually the next day YOU'RE free. If we don't like it YET, we'll tell you the reasons. So in any case, you'll gain something.

Let's make it fun

When we reach a sweet spot in our relationship with you and sign a contract, you'll never see bad dreams again. We'll publish your game, we'll slay the dragons and monsters under your bed, and send you 70% of the income of your game. Ssswwweeeet.

Ready? Come & talk to us on Discord!

No Discord? Send a message to team (at) bonusstage (dot) co 👋