Bonus Stage Publishing and Unibyte Studios teamed up to bring Terramorphers to the masses

Terramorphers: Turn-Based RPG is now available on Google Play. iOS version coming up when we learn how to do it. 

Terramorphers is a turn-based tactical battle with heavy RPG elements. Control your hero character in the arena with a fully customizable build. Freely mix and match any skills, companions, equipment, and pets in the game to create different playstyles.

Bring down mobs in the Adventure mode and use controllable companions to help you. Test your worth climbing the Tower of Power. Challenge other players in ranked player versus player mode (PvP). Unlock over a hundred distinct skills and dozens of different pets with varying potential in battle.

“We are excited to be partnering with the talented team at Unibyte Studios to bring Terramorphers to market” commented Sami Mikkola from Bonus Stage Publishing. “Now the game studio can focus on what they love to do; making great games, while we handle the rest.” 

The Premise

In Terramorphers the Four Gods of creation have gathered the best combatants from across the multiverse to battle for glory and unmeasurable wealth.

Different ways to play

The combatants take each other on four different battle arenas in turn-based tactical battles.

Challenging gameplay

Your success in the arena depends on multiple factors such as Character positioning, Baiting, Ability knowledge, Counter picking & AP management, and a lot more.

Customizable experience

Players create their own builds and fight each other utilizing different tactics from ranged and melee combat to terramorphing the very arena that they are battling on.

About the developer:

Unibyte Studios is a Finland-based game-development company with operations in Helsinki & Jyväskylä focusing on developing content-driven mobile games.

About the publisher: 

Bonus Stage Publishing was established in 2019 in Finland. They have published games like Sunblaze, Warshmallows, and JANITOR BLEEDS. The company is publishing ten indie games every year. 


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