Bonus Stage Publishing established an internal game studio

Oe of our founders has a weird hobby. Actually a lot of them, but one in particular. Once a year he puts on a teacher’s hat. With that hat, he wanders off to the local vocational school where he’s teaching a game development course.

Our studio is one of the teams in that class, a special kind of team with a special kind of idea, so we decided to let that team live under our wings and develop our first in-house title!

The students of that team are now interns at BS, and together we are producing, developing, and making their first burnou.. game. Also now we look like a big publisher with their own internal game studio and all that jazz. The most important thing after all is to create this false sense of accomplishments and share something on social media. Fake it till you make it, right? People anyway read only those headlines.

We are going to release this game on Itch or Steam soon. As a free-to-play game.

The team is called Pastori Games and the game is called Cyberstorm. The game itself is a twin-stick online multiplayer PvP boxman-shooter that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Just like BS: a mouthful with a bad sense of humor.

Join us on our weekly playtest sessions in our Discord #Cyberstorm channel:

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