Chester the Guinea Pig Is After Revenge

Power corrupts. Sacred carrot corrupts. Rad Ralph stole the Sacred carrot and now it is up to Chester to revenge and get the Sacred carrot back. The backstory for this retrotastic platformer is epic indeed. Chester’s Revenge (2022) is announced by Bonus Stage Publishing and developed by Wojo Studios.

Bonus Stage Publishing is announcing Chester’s Revenge to be released in late 2022. Chester’s Revenge is a retrotastic boss fighter with a platformer twist, about an adventure of Chester, a guinea pig who is looking for revenge. Rad Ralph was a beautiful guinea pig himself, and one day he stole the herd’s Sacred Carrot and it turned him into a foul creature leading evil minions.

Chester’s Revenge is being developed by Wojo Studios. The title is inspired by real-life events and characters. One of the pigs living with Wojo’s founder is Chester, although his carrots are all sacred and none of them have been stolen. Or at least this Chester is very secretive about his missions of revenge if he has been on one…

So get ready for Chester’s Revenge! See, wishlist and follow the game on Steam here. The game has a closed beta coming up in early 2022, so follow up closely and join the adventures early on.