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Sometimes They Come Back

Horror game packed with action, monsters, mysteries, puzzles, and a ton on goosebumps. Live and survive as Abraham, a journalist on a mission to solve the creepy riddles of Freedom Towers.

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Monsters, mysteries & monsters

Clear up the mysteries and horrors of the ominous Freedom Towers and try to salvage your life. Investigate, talk with the other residents to reveal their secrets, solve puzzles, cry, suffer… and try to play through the game — before the game plays through you.

Horror Action FPS Stealth

You, a 48 year old journalist Abraham Torres move to the infamous Freedom Towers to clear up the mysteries and horrors which have been haunting the resident for years and years.

You investigate the apartments and rooms, find out the secrets of other residents and at the end you hope to write a book about all the secrets of Freedom Towers. Or maybe everything will turn out differently than you think. Get to know to your fears and your feelings.

Sometimes They Come Back is a game in which you will experience a deep swamp full of sorrow, pain, and agony — but also joy, compassion, and pride. Solve the puzzles, find out secrets, cry and suffer with the stories you discover. STCB is not your typical horror game, it is a game you will talk and dream about.