Indie horror JANITOR BLEEDS coming out on Xbox on June 1st, pre-orders open now!

JANITOR BLEEDS was certainly seen on April in the videos and streams of every respectable horror and variety content creator, and no wonder as the game’s lovable visuals and moody theme are easy to distinguish. Now it comes out on Xbox, too!

It made berleezy cry, trapped 8-BitRyan with a killer, it is the best horror game of 2022 for Insym, Annoying Orange is warning you NOT to play it, and CJUGames was more than hooked in it. April was a wonderful month for these and many more content creators as they got to enjoy the thrills of JANITOR BLEEDS, which released on PC on April 7th.

Now the scary janitor is lurking you on Xbox, as well. The first console version is coming out on June 1st and can now be pre-ordered. The game has Very Positive ratings by players on Steam.

JANITOR BLEEDS is a retro-inspired horror game set in an old arcade. A mysterious arcade machine called JANITOR beckons you to play itself, releasing a horrible force upon the player. The only way to survive is to keep playing, but the further you go, the more the events of the arcade game start to influence the real world. When your eyes are glued to the screen, who knows what might be happening right behind your back?

“The horror of JANITOR BLEEDS is based on having to focus on playing the arcade game whilst not knowing what might be happening in the surroundings. When you are playing a horror game, you might not have any idea what is happening behind you when you are focusing on the screen”

Elias Massa, Game Designer of JANITOR BLEEDS


  • Explore a mysterious arcade: The dark corners and hallways hide many secrets. Collect coins and items to progress in the game and most importantly, keep yourself alive. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of an amusement arcade from the 90s, abandoned long ago.
  • Cursed arcade cabinet: Playing the coin-hungry machine affects more than it seems. Solve puzzles and open paths in both the arcade game and the real world to progress in the game. Just remember; the evil within the machine won’t make things easy.
  • Retro-inspired: The game is inspired by the video games of the 90s. The game hasn’t been made to look like a carbon copy; instead, it has been inspired by the visual style of that nostalgic era of gaming and has brought it to modern standards.

About the developer:

Korpus is a Finnish developer with only 4 employees. Korpus published its first project, a PS1-styled horror, “Korpus: Buried over the Black Soil” back in 2020. The team remains consistent with the genre. JANITOR BLEEDS was initially planned as a DLC for the previous game. Instead of focusing on narratives like in the previous game, Korpus decided to grasp an interesting gameplay experience for players. 

About the publisher: 

Bonus Stage Publishing was established in 2019 in Finland. They have published games like Sunblaze and Warshmallows. The company is publishing ten indie games every year. 

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