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Last Soul


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About the game

Shoot them all, jump, climb, use jetpack, shields, and platforms, slow time, and discover secrets on this hectic Sci-Fi adventure where you become the last hope of mankind in the shape of an awesome robot.

Platformer Boss fighter Sci-fi Adventure

LAST SOUL is a 2D Pixel-Art, Shooter, Action, Platformer with a compelling story about a future where mankind is losing its will to live.

Get cover

Use shields to protect yourself from the bullet hell that enemies spread towards you. You need to also use these shields as a platform when reaching the higher ground.


Dash and destroy. With dash, you are fast as F boi! Often the attack is the best defense.

Bullet time

Last Soul is a fast-paced game, and there is a lot’s going on around you. Control the time and use the bullet time to dodge enemies bullets.

Big guns

You need big guns to destroy big bosses. Collect them all and spread mayhem around you.

Fly like a hawk

Death from above! Use a jetpack and fly like a bird. Enemies don’t even notice what did hit them.

  • Play as an AI robot tasked with saving humanity.
  • Explore and fight your way through tens of distinct regions.
  • Enjoy the amazing PixelArt graphic and an immersive music style.
  • Evolve your character, unlock new and more powerful weapons and abilities.
  • Master special powers, including bullet time, jet pack, and shields.
  • Take on awesome boss fights, or die trying.
  • Make your best speedrunner time and show off on the leaderboard
  • Discover Easter Eggs, boost your points, and get a totally different skin from the rest