Steam Next Fest Summer 2022 is full of BS

Demos! The Steam’s official demo festival celebrating upcoming games and their developers is here again for Summer ’22 edition. Again it will feature a million games with developer live streams (not really, most of them will just use a pre-recorded one) and highlighting magnificent indie demos (not really, most of the featured ones are AAA’s).

Bonus Stage Publishing, meaning we, are extremely happy to tell that we are participating in Next Fest this time with not one game, not even two games… But FOUR upcoming games and their demos! Let me say that again: FOUR NEW BS GAMES IN NEXT FEST SUMMER 2022!

What a blast it’s going to be. Here’s our upcoming games in no particular order.


DINO MERCS is a roguelike deckbuilding game where you take on the role of a veteran member of Dark Solar Defense, a shadowy private military corporation. To survive, build multiple decks while conducting operations, engaging in fierce combat, and defending your base from attackers.

See DINO MERCS on Steam here, play the demo and wishlist!

Sometimes They Come Back

Clear up the mysteries and horrors of the ominous Freedom Towers and try to salvage your life. Investigate, talk with the other residents to reveal their secrets, solve puzzles, cry, suffer… and try to play through the game — before the game plays through you.

Play STCB now and wishlist (or s**t your pants) here and now

Chester’s Revenge

A veteran Green Beret is forced by a cruel Sheriff and his deputies to flee into the mountains and wage an escalating one-man war against his pursuers.

OH, NO! That was Rambo. Chester is a guineapig. His herd was massacred and their sacred carrot was stolen. Now he has to wage a one-pig war against evil Ralph and his bosses. See now why I mixed them up? Rambo’ yourself now with Chester’s Revenge.

Play and wishlist Chester’s Revenge here


Twin-stick arcade style shooter which doesn’t take itself too seriously. Challenge your friends in an online deathmatch arena to see who will stand victorious! Cyberstorm has a constantly growing selection of arenas to play, along with an epic selection of weapons to destroy your opposition with.

Get the ultimate lan party game here and now

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