Take a path of an assassin, a mage, or a warrior in Shadow of the Guild: a beat ’em up platformer with RPG progression and a heroic tale based on bestselling books

Choose your style from the skill trees of assassins, mages, or warriors and live up to your honour in Shadow of the Guild, published by Bonus Stage Publishing on PC in 2022. Shadow of the Guild is a beat-em-up platformer made by a French company Guild Studio, and its story has its roots in bestselling books authored by the studio’s founder and main developer.

Bonus Stage Publishing is extremely happy to announce the publishing of the Shadow of the Guild, coming out in 2022 on PC. Shadow of the Guild is inspired by Prince of Persia and it has a RPG style progression for your character. You play as a warrior of Rain Merchant’s Guild, whose mission to provide water all over the world is under the threat of Gethro III’s Eastern Empire, and you must now investigate what Gethro is doing and get your organisation’s powers back.

You can choose to infiltrate the Empire by lurking in the shadows as a sneaky assassin, beat ‘em all up as a fierce warrior, or cast all-powerful spells upon the enemies. Once you choose your path, you can upgrade your specific skills on your character or develop all skills to be a balanced spy. Complete side quests, find attack combos, unlock the epic cutscenes revealing the story, and enhance your character with various consumables giving you new powers. 

Shadow of the Guild will come out on PC in 2022, and it will have a playtime of roughly 6 hours. Follow the game here on Steam and on the publisher’s website here.

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About the developer:

Guild Studio is a French video game studio. It aims to create wonderful worlds in which it invites players. Founded by writer Robin Buisson and graphic designer Arnaud Wallet, Guild Studio launches its first title “Shadow of the Guild”, a 2D action/platformer inspired by one of its founders’ favourite games, “Prince of Persia”.

About the publisher:

Bonus Stage Publishing is an indie game publisher with a Finnish spirit: no bs, just good publishing. The company was founded to bring some honesty and friendliness to the indie publishing world. Their released titles include Sunblaze, Warshmallows, and JANITOR BLEEDS.