The Identity (and kinda like The Weekly Post, pt. 1/2022)

Dear people, aka. the readers, hello! Do you remember when approximately 16 weeks ago we said we would start writing a weekly blog here? For transparency’s sake.

Yeah, things happened — as usually they tend to happen. Mainly what happened was that we got busy. Busy with getting JANITOR BLEEDS’ release planned, announcing and getting hyped about Chester’s Revenge, and signing up FOUR MORE games for 2022. It’s gonna be a good one, this year here.

Well, that’s enough for the update. Let’s roll some exciting NEW STUFF!

The New Logo

Yup, that’s right, we have got a new logo coming up. Well, not just ONE logo, there’s a bunch of LOgoS. Logo for the ones who love us. Logo for the ones who are turned on by us. Logo for the haters. Logo for you, logo for me.

“What?”, you may ask. Well, logos are usually boring as **ck. How in the heavens does some basic font with a curved line represent a whole company? When we started to develop our identity this year, the first inspirations came from Joan Cornellà. So that sets the stage and tone, it’s guaranteed to be a bit different.

So, we are rolling out and adopting our new brand identity soon, within a month or two. But before the epic reveal, we’re selling it out! Yeah, NFT’s for you all motherlovers! Or not, who knows.

The BS Collection

The Bonus Stage Collection is our new identity which represents our attitude as a whole in games and other entertainment. The attitude of doing great stuff that you like, not caring for other people’s opinions too much, not letting anyone push you down. Doing bold experiments. Speaking out loud. Being a no-BS person!

On one hand the BS Collection is not like the NFT collections you might think: like Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, and others like that. Those collections focus on creative expression. But also, those collections are very similar to The BS Collection; they focus on belonging, community, expressing modern-day creative values.

Hundreds of years ago, someone could have been an artist if they had a patron to pay for that one to be an artist. Then came the modern age and the spirit of creative expression gave birth to the generation of suffering painter; they did not have patrons who ordered their paintings, but they painted what they wanted and hoped for someone to buy their works.

There’s a beautiful link to the entertainment and games industries of nowadays. Entertainment has been something that’s produced with a lot of money, and if a lot of money is involved, then the makers can not take big risks. They have to return the money.

But we want to be standing here to help the free spirits to do what they love, because they love it! We are here to stand with the indies, the rebels, the creative souls who try things out in their games without thinking of risk-aversion. We are here for new experiences, not for cookie cutters.

So that’s in a nutshell why we are minting The BS Collection soon! Being a part of The BS will give you a loving community, an 1/1 of <100 Identity Symbols, all of our games for free for ever, IRL events for only owners, special side events in the biggest gaming events, AnD a LoT mOrE! It’s like being an owner of The BS, but in the cool way. It’s probably nothing, but…

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