The Identity, part deux

Obviously we’re not minting jack shit. Let’s talk about our identity for a while.

Bonus Stage is about doing fun stuff with cool people. And we, for the love of gods and fairies, try to be nice and good people. We hope to enable making dreams come true for some people. And cool stuff is just stuff we love to do, and trying out cool things.

And yeah, while being a promising concept (_maybe_), NFT’s are not cool, we noticed. So, no minting for use, thanks. Also we will not most likely work with Joe Rogan. Let’s leave the commentary on reasons for someone else, though.

But the brave new brand is coming out nevertheless! Not now, cause we’ve got to plan something new and epic for that release. The tech savvy people may also be able to see a small preview on that already!

Stay tuned, play too much games, and remember to drink your greens!

Next time we will talk about something about games.